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(2022)       1:33:50     75744 Views     Rekindle users
'Lightyear' invites viewers into the thrilling cosmic journey of Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans), a brave space ranger marooned on the hostile planet T'Kani Prime. The movie chronicles his heroic efforts to return home, spanning across numerous years, amidst dangers untold and adversities never before encountered. Complicating his survival and return is the formidable presence of an army of relentless robots under the command of the nefarious Zurg.
These mechanical threats are not only hellbent on capturing Buzz but also on stealing his precious fuel source. As Buzz navigates this extraterrestrial maze of perils, his mission transcends personal survival, evolving into a broader goal of protecting the universe's safety from this imminent menace. ‘Lightyear’ promises an interstellar odyssey filled with suspense, action, and a test of true heroism, making it a must-watch for those who seek adventure beyond the stars.