Detailed Instructions

  • In the case of DONATION: After completing the process, the gateway automatically redirects you to a single-use web page where you can watch the movie of your choice. Do not close any web pages during the donation process. In case of 3D TVs or projectors, you need an internet connection and a Paypal compatible browser. If you have doubts, cancel the donation and check that you go back to the movie you were trying to watch, that means it will work correctly. The recommended donation is 5 USD.


  • In the case of SUBSCRIPTION: It is a new facility that we offer, since you can subscribe on any device. The subscription is 5 USD per month and you will have full access to all our movies. You have to go to the page to enter as user the same email you used in Paypal. When you unsubscribe through your PayPal account, your user is deleted. Do not unsubscribe until the end of the month. IMPORTANT. If you watch the movie on a different device than the one you subscribed with, close that browser so you can start a new user session.


  • These contributions are to cover expenses. We have ripped all 3D blu-ray movies to video, and then cropped and resized each file with a proprietary method that allows optimal viewing for virtual reality glasses and headsets. We rented a modern dedicated server with high bandwidth to host over 350 movies, with each title taking up over 8 GB. Even some of the movies are unique, carefully converted frame by frame from 2D to 3D by the team.