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Jupiter Ascending

(2015)       2:00:28     22764 Views     Rekindle users
Jupiter Jones was born at sea after her astronomer father was murdered by Russian police and her mother left for life in the US. She now lives in Chicago and works as a cleaner. Her boyfriend Vasiliy has persuaded her to sell her eggs to earn money and she has signed up under the name of her friend Katherine Dunlevy. This brings her DNA to the attention of intergalactic bounty hunters. As she goes in for the operation, rival bounty hunter Caine Wise rescues her from an attempt to kill her by aliens posing as the doctors. He whisks her away on hover boots furiously pursued by the aliens through the skies of Chicago. Caine explains that the recurrence of her strands of DNA has marked her as the reincarnation of the matriarch of the House of Abrasax. This makes her the queen of Earth, something that Jupiter finds ridiculous given her lowly status. Taking her aboard the base hidden inside the Red Spot of Jupiter, Caine, himself a genetic crossbreed that is half-wolf, half-human, introduces her to the scientific marvels of the milliard species that inhabit the galaxy. At the centre of this is the millennia-old House of Abrasax, the original seeders of humanity on Earth. However, this has brought the matriarch’s three children, each the powerful owners of important sectors of the galaxy, seeking to take advantage of her inheritance.