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Flesh for Frankenstein

(1973)    1:34:36     31014 Views
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We found and rescued this cult film, an extravaganza by Andy Warhol. The story revolves around Baron Frankenstein, who aims to create a master race by making two zombies - a male and a female - and mating them. Living with the Baroness and their children, in his laboratory Frankenstein constructs a desirable female body but requires the right male brain to accompany it. Unfortunately, he mistakenly chooses the head of a gay aesthete. Amidst these experiments, the Baroness harbors her own desires and becomes infatuated with Nicholas, a friend of the deceased aesthete. As the Baron attempts to fulfill his grand plan by bringing the two zombies together to mate, Nicholas endeavors to free his deceased friend.
The film promises a unique and intriguing storyline, with elements of horror and twisted relationships, making it a must-watch for those seeking an unconventional cinematic experience brought to life by the visionary artist Andy Warhol.