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The Flash

(2023)    2:14:02     66632 Views
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In the midst of a stormy night in his laboratory, police scientist Barry Allen is struck by lightning, resulting in an electrifying transformation. Now endowed with super-speed abilities, Barry becomes The Flash, dedicated to safeguarding Central City from impending threats. But his journey takes a thrilling twist when he attempts to alter the past to rescue his family, inadvertently plunging the world into a reality devoid of superheroes.
Racing against time itself, Barry must summon all his newfound powers to secure the future. In this high-stakes adventure, The Flash faces the resurgence of General Zod, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. To defeat this formidable foe, Barry must join forces with a retired Batman, a parallel version of himself, and an imprisoned Kryptonian. Prepare for an epic battle that transcends time and space, as The Flash fights to restore the world's greatest heroes and save the day. Don’t miss another great job by the team on this 2D to 3D conversion.