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Totally Killer

(2023)    1:38:57     21198 Views     Rekindle users
In this gripping film, 17-year-old Jamie faces a harrowing journey after her mother's murder on Halloween by the infamous 'Sweet Sixteen Killer'. Accidentally traveling back in time to 1987, Jamie finds herself in a race against time to prevent the young would-be killer from starting his notorious murder spree. As she delves deeper into this dangerous quest, Jamie must navigate the challenges of the past and find a way to return to her rightful timeline before she's trapped in 1987 forever.
With the dedication of our team in an exclusive 2D to 3D conversion on our website, this film's thrilling narrative of time travel and suspense is a must-watch, weaving a tale of determination and danger as the protagonist races against time to alter the course of history.