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Saw X

(2023)    1:51:00     36122 Views     Rekindle users
Experience the spine-chilling return of John Kramer like never before in an exclusive 2D to 3D conversion on our website. Dive into the darkest chapter of the Saw series, where the untold story of Jigsaw's most personal game unfolds. Set in the eerie gap between Saw I and II, witness a desperate John journey to Mexico, seeking a miraculous cure for his cancer through an experimental medical procedure. But when he uncovers a deceitful scam preying on the vulnerable, his transformation into the infamous serial killer reaches new heights. Brace yourself as Jigsaw, fueled by a renewed purpose, crafts his most devious, deranged, and ingeniously designed traps yet, exacting terrifying vengeance on the con artists. This installment promises to be the most disturbing and immersive experience in the Saw franchise.