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(2017)    1:39:19     21230 Views     Rekindle users
Set between May 26 and June 4, 1940, this featured film captures the intense struggle of 400,000 Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France. Trapped in the French port town of Dunkirk and surrounded by German forces, their only hope of escape is across the sea. With the German army dominating the skies and relentlessly bombing the beaches and harbor, the situation is dire. Witness the desperation and courage as Britain, facing overwhelming odds, dispatches civilian boats alongside the Navy in a daring rescue attempt. Told through the perspectives of a soldier among the trapped forces, two Royal Air Force fighter pilots, and civilians on a boat part of the evacuation fleet, this movie is a powerful portrayal of survival, heroism, and the human spirit.
Experience the gripping story of the Dunkirk evacuation, a pivotal moment during the World War II, through a unique 2D to 3D conversion exclusively on our website.