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Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

(2023)    1:52:59     10398 Views
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In an electrifying new 3D adventure, Aquaman faces a threat more menacing than ever before. Despite his previous defeat, Black Manta, fuelled by a relentless thirst for vengeance for his father's death, is back with a vengeance. Armed with the mythical Black Trident, he unleashes an ancient, dark force determined to obliterate Aquaman and everything he holds dear. In a desperate move, Aquaman turns to an unexpected ally: his brother Orm, the dethroned King of Atlantis. Locked away and forgotten, Orm's knowledge and power may just be the key to their survival. As the brothers embark on a perilous journey, they must navigate treacherous waters, mend fractured bonds, and unite a kingdom to defend their home, Aquaman's family, and the very fabric of the world from catastrophic ruin.
Dive into this deep-sea saga, where loyalty, family, and the fate of humanity hang in the balance, all in stunning 3D that brings the underwater kingdom and its epic battles to life like never before.